Reference electrodes

Ideally, SHE (Standard Hydrogen Electrode) should be used as a reference in any electrochemical measurement. However, the use of SHE is limited due to some obstacles. First, SHE is not an option for non-aqueous systems. In corrosion studies we normally work with water systems, so SHE can be used in them. However, there is another problem: an SHE requires gaseous hydrogen, which is flammable, not too safe and not too convenient in a laboratory. For that reason alternative reference electrodes are used instead of SHE.

Potentiostat in a nutshell

  • Any (known to me) modern potentiostat is in fact a potentiostat/galvanostat. It is a potentiostat when you are doing an experiment in which you control the potential and measure the current. And it is a galvanostat when you control the current and measure the potential.   


Well, as soon as one opens a blog, a Helloword post should be posted. This is like breaking a bottle of champagne over the bow of a ship during its launching. I wold not like to depart from this tradition. Helloword, then!

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