Welcome to the Corrosion Research Group at Ariel University

Dear Visitor,

We are happy to greet you at the website of Ariel Corrosion Group (ACG). We are a small group formed in the year 2011. Our group studies various aspects of corrosion, primarily, electrochemichal. We perform corrosion measurements by several electrochemical techniques, such as Cyclic and Linear Sweep Voltammetry, Tafel polarization curves, Linear Polarization Resistance, OCP monitoring and others. We also make use of some non-electrochemical methods: mass loss, gas evolution etc.

Please see our currently active researches on the page of Projects.

We are open to new ideas and ready to different kinds of cooperation. If you would like to ask us any questions, share your ideas ordiscuss with us any other issue, please use the Contact form of the site.